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Transforming Visions Into Reality: Experience Excellence With Better Place Construction

As a leading construction company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional services and solutions to clients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

From residential homes to commercial businesses, our expertise extends to a wide range of projects. Whether it’s renovating homes, constructing new buildings, or providing general contracting services, we are committed to bringing our clients’ visions to life.

With meticulous planning and execution, we focus on every detail to ensure successful building improvements and fit-outs from start to finish.

Trust Better Place Construction to make your construction dreams a reality.

Our team

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Eyal Karban


With over a decade of experience in the industry, I have successfully completed over 2,000 projects encompassing a wide range of sectors including new construction, developments, and high-end projects. I hold an MBA from Israel with a specialization in finance, construction, and real estate investments.

Marcus Fifita


I moved to Las Vegas after graduating from Brigham Young University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Technology in Facility Management with an emphasis on Construction Management. Over the last 22 years, my experience includes large retail commercial construction projects on the strip, high end custom residential home featured in the Las Vegas parade of homes along with numerous small residential remodels. In addition to my construction experience, I was also licensed with the Nevada Real Estate Division as an inspector of structures from 2004-2016.

Jose Rubalcava

COO and Project Manager

Since starting in the construction industry at age 17 I have accumulated valuable and extensive experience. I have successfully completed over 200 projects over the past five years, with a specialization in concrete work and the rehabilitation of fire-damaged structures. I am dedicated to making a lasting impact in the construction industry through my commitment to excellence.

Aviv Bens

Senior project manager and sales

Hi, my name is Aviv Bens. I started my construction career in 2012 as an electrician in Israel. Throughout the past ten years, I have achieved numerous accomplishments in the field, overseeing a wide range of projects such as upscale remodeling, meticulous planning, innovative design, and comprehensive renovations. Alongside my professional expertise, I have a passion for cars and woodworking.

Kevin Weissenberg

Project Manager

Hello, I’m Kevin Weissenberg, a bilingual construction professional originally from Los Angeles and currently residing in Henderson. I began my journey in the construction industry by honing my skills in handyman work, where I gained hands-on experience in a variety of areas including demolition, electrical work, HVAC, plumbing, and painting. Working with diverse clients and witnessing the successful completion of projects ignited my passion for construction management.

Adriano Sanches

Project Manager

I was born in Brazil, I embarked on my journey in the construction industry as a Handyman in 2015. Over the years, I honed my skills and expertise, eventually assuming the role of Project Supervisor at Better Place construction. Working in construction has become immensely fulfilling for me. There’s a unique satisfaction that arises from transforming dilapidated houses into beautiful homes, knowing that my efforts have played a part in creating a welcoming space for someone to live in.

Martin Castellanos

Project Manager

I am an experienced professional with a proven track record in management, spanning over 12 years. With a deep passion for learning and a drive to tackle new tasks, I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skill set. My ability to learn quickly and my enthusiasm in embracing new challenges are key strengths that have propelled my career. I thrive on adapting to new situations and environments, allowing me to excel as a versatile and dynamic professional

Sergio Vela

Service Technician

My name is Sergio Vela. I began my construction career in 2004 in California at CET where I obtained certifications in Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Paint, Carpentry, Roofing, Stucco, and Floor Plan Reading.

Delisha Rubio

Office Manager

My name is Delisha, and I am the office manager at Better Place Construction. I have a strong background in assistant office management, particularly in large-scale multi-family properties, and have successfully overseen operations for apartment complexes with over 300 units. My experience has honed my skills in managing administrative tasks, and ensuring optimal efficiency throughout the organization.

Max Magana


I am a Georgia Southern University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I have over 6 years of experience in accounting and tax preparation. In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a passion for sports and outdoor activities and was a former collegiate athlete.

Leo Barcena

Cost Estimator

As a skilled cost estimator, I have successfully estimated houses in diverse conditions, ranging from complete restorations to remodels and high-end designs. My expertise lies in developing comprehensive estimates that account for every aspect of a project, enabling effective decision-making and successful execution

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